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Hopefully, you’re feeling terrific today! Surely, you need inspiration in living a healthy life that’s free of disease and sickness. You desire to feel carefree, and full of energy.

Sheila Craan has allocated much time into creating awareness about reducing stress, and important health issues with engaging tidbits to help you in your life quest to feel better…

  1. Do You Eat Too Much Sugar? What Happens When Eating Sugar? Dangers in Diet 
  2. Benefits of a Trampoline Workout! What Muscle to Exercise in Trampolining?
  3. Good Breast, Cancer Tumor Prevention! Virgin Coconut Oil, Turmeric, and Ginger Tea are Healing.
  4. The Benefits of Drinking Water with Eating Celtic Sea Salt to Avoid Dehydration, and Dry Skin
  5. The Benefits of Herbal Medicine! The Effects of the Pharmaceutical Industry In Providing a Solution
  6. Long Term Effects of Childhood Obesity! When They Become Adults, What Are The Signs?
  7. High Blood Pressure, and False BP Blood Pressure Medical Lies! What Does Dialectic Mean? Is it True?
  8. How to Treat Your Common Itchy Eye Infections, Glue Containing Can Be Cured! What Foods to Eat, Avoid Rice and Super…
  9. Elevate Your Mood Through Vivid Color! What Joyful Colors Wear Best?
  10. The Utmost Foods That Prevent Cancer
  11. How to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus. What Raw Foods to Eat for Toe Nail Health? Can Polish Help Naturally?
  12. How Stressed-Out Are You?
  13. How to Maximize the Health Benefits of a Massage?
  14. How to Have Good General Health
  15. How to Detoxify and Live Longer
  16. Healthy Ways to Care for Your Teeth
  17. Feeling Stressed? Take Note of Your Breath!
  18. How to Quickly Find Inner Peace?
  19. Bitter Orange Supplement Health Benefits
  20. How to Heal with Flowers?
  21. How to Cope with Cancer Fatigue?
  22. How to Cure Sore Tonsils?
  23. Symptoms and Treatments for Crohn’s Disease
  24. How to Help Fight Against Eating Disorders?
  25. How to Prevent Diabetes in Children?


Sheila Craan is a well-rounded Bachelor of Arts graduate of Queen’s College, City University of New York. She pours her energy into carving, children’s literature for her grandchildren and children alike. She is a children’s story book author!

Writing is her love! She writes engaging tidbits about health, fashion and the Bible for HubPages. The Sheila Craan moving children’s stories for preschoolers, middle school children and teens are on Blogger!

Sheila’s zeal is for parents to spend valuable reading time, with their children! With keen insight and careful attention to detail, her captivating stories and Kids’ Books are an enjoyable read, for children of all ages.