10 Important Health Tips

  • Staying healthy should never be taxing or exceedingly time-consuming when you regularly make good food choices and exercise modestly.
    1. Eat several small meals every day instead of three large course meals. This helps with feeling bloated and forces your digestive system to digest yourfood more efficiently.
    2. If you’re trying to lose weight don’t mix starches with protein; eat them separately with fresh veggies. This will help to digest your food faster and not create extra fat cells.
    3. Drink two glasses of lemon water first thing in the morning in order to have a bowl movement and flush toxins from your organs.
    4. Add turmeric when preparing your meals to strengthen your cells to help ward off cancer and depression.
    5. Stay away from caffeine, processed sugar, and regular table salt. Use Celtic Sea Salt instead to typical table salt to salt your food. This organic salt contains over eighty  minerals your body naturally needs
    6. Drink fresh papaya and pineapple juice for their vitamin C content. Vitamin C helps to keep your skin younger looking.
    7. Stay hydrated by drinking eight to ten glasses of filtered water throughout the day.
    8. Do not eat soy and pork products.
    9. Dry brush your skin with a natural bristle brush in the morning to cleanse and flush toxins from your skin and lymph nodes.
    10. Enjoy your day and rely on Jesus.


  • If you are too busy to exercise for half an hour every day, sprint for at least ten minutes at a time. Jumping on a trampoline is a lot of fun. It helps to move your lymph fluids by flushing toxins out of your body effortlessly. Not only do you build muscle but you detox too.

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